A Day in the Life of a Model in Lockdown: Our Girl Ellis Hope

We know a lot of you may be struggling with what's going on right now in the world. 2020 has 100% got us all shook. Hands up if you tweeted or put an Instagram post up with the caption "2020 is going to be my year". Looool how naive were we all in January. 
What we thought 2020 would look like: jetting off on holiday's, brunchin' with friends and working towards our dream job or goal.The reality is we've actually been binging Netflix, buying cute clothes online (which isn't' a bad thing), or like a lot of us, adapting the best we can to working from home. 
We wanted to catch up with our girl Ellis to see how she's been smashing life working from home as a model during lockdown. Although you've probably seen her all over our website and social media, Ellis is one of our fave models to work with as she embodies everything Daisy Street is as a brand: fun, cute and has a dream wardrobe. So we wanted to get the latest model gossip and see how Ellis is spending her days in lockdown and what it's actually like WFH as a model.

We know how 'perfect' everyone's lives can seem through social media and hearing about people spending there time being productive, learning new skills or talents. So we just wanted to check in to see how you're actually coping in lockdown and how you're finding it? 

Thank you so much <3 I hope everyone at Daisy Street is too! 
Honestly, I have really enjoyed having this time to focus on things I normally don’t have the time to do. Lockdown has given me the chance to find a new love for different types of social media. Don’t get me wrong, I have had days where I have felt really stressed about the whole situation and days where I’ve barely got out of bed but that is 100% fine as there is no real way that you should be isolating (as long as you are following government rules). 
But it’s given me the time to create the content for insta, YouTube and TikTok that usually, I don’t have the time to do! 

What’s your fave and worst thing about about WFH in lockdown right now? 

I love being able to create content for brands! Especially when I am the set designer, the MUA, the stylist and the model (I do drag my boyfriend in to be my photographer)! Its been so interesting and fun to play all of the different roles!
The worst thing is that I miss working with other people! I love meeting people on different jobs that I do and I’ve stayed close with so many of them! Oh, and I miss travelling! I was supposed to be in Germany for a job last week ! But, this time away has really made me appreciate how lucky I am to have such an amazing job!

Here's the question we know most girls will want to know, what's your current lockdown work out routine?

Honestly, I’ve LOVED letting myself go a little bit! I don’t normally follow a strict diet or anything but in lockdown I have not held back in eating what I want haha! i’ve mainly been penny boarding which is nice to do a different kind of exercise.
I have also done some online classes and began running, however, I did pull my hamstring pretty bad making a TikTok… so I haven’t been doing too much lately but I’m excited to be able to get back at it!

What's been the most 'Instagrammable' meal you've made so far in lockdown? 

Whipped iced lattes !! it was a big TikTok trend at the beginning of lockdown but I just cannot stop making them!! (I also post them on my insta story every other day because they’re so pretty, probably very annoying oops) 

We’re of course huge fans of your tiktok content and love your lil dance videos and cute style lookbooks. You know how to bring the sass and create engaging content people LOVE. What we want to know is what your Tiktok alter ego name would be and why?

Oo something short and sweet like ’Smell’ lol 
My family and friends have always called me smell since I was little haha I hope, mainly because they shortend Ellis to Ell and got it from there. I feel like that suits my personality as its a bit silly but also pretty cute and memorable and not messy with loads of ‘_’ or ‘.’ In it. 

Also, what’s your fave type of TikTok content to create? 

I love making the styling videos a lot but id have to say the dances! I did dance classed right through school but because of how much I travel with work, I haven’t been able to commit to a class where I live so TikTok kind of gives me the chance to learn dances really quickly and on the go! 

We think we know the answer for this but if you could only keep one social media app on your phone and delete all the others, which one would you keep?

Ooo such a hard one!! maybe TikTok because its soooo nice to have an app where the majority of people are on it just to have fun! But I think, because of my job, id have to say insta just because its like my online portfolio. I’ve been to so many jobs and they say that they found me on insta !

What's been your fave Daisy Street piece you've modelled at home for us? 

I LIVE in oversized t shirts and online atm you have soooo many! So I’d have to say the Jimi Hendrix T! 

Finally for any of the girls out there finding it hard to cope right now, what’s your best piece of advice or tip you’d give someone who's struggling in lockdown at the moment? 

You just need to do whatever makes you happy! If that is to put a full face of make up on every day, then do it! if that is to learn how to do something new ever day, then do it! if you want to watch and finish 20 different series on Netflix, then do it! 
Just remember to priorities both your physical and mental health! Look after number 1! Don’t feel guilty for ‘not using this time wisely’. 
We'd highly recommend stalking Ellis' TikTok,  Instagram, YouTube for all things modelling and fashion.
Pssst.. here are some of our fave photos Ellis has taken for us while working at home. Which is Daisy Street piece will you be adding to your cart? 

Ellis wears our best selling oversized Detroit sweatshirt

Ellis wears our best selling oversized Jimi Hendrix t-shirt

Ellis wears our best selling oversized Self-Care T-Shirt