Sustainability Statement

This is just the beginning, here at Daisy Street we are trying to take the steps in the right direction to become as sustainable as possible. We are striving to make our business friendlier to our planet. 

We’re constantly thinking of new ways to be more sustainable. From the start we have always printed in house, we print our t-shirts, sweats and hoodies to order. This means that there is less waste on unsold items.  

Hopefully you have seen that recently we have a ‘Daisy Street Vintage’ tab on our website. We have started to stock a true vintage range meaning we are supporting the product life cycle and trying to help our customers have access to true vintage items, promoting reusing clothes. 

In our woven ranges we are trying to use the same fabrics across multiple product categories, this means that there will be less fabric waste right from the very beginning of our product development process.